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Effective Legal Assistance for Insurance and Commercial Disputes

Representing businesses and individuals with a need for legal assistance in insurance disputes.

FKH Legal

Fritz K. Huszagh

Fritz principally represents businesses and individuals who encounter difficulties in connection with insurance matters.  In this regard, he also provides counsel to various businesses including law firms, consults as an expert (providing testimony as appropriate), and serves as an arbitrator in private disputes.  In addition, Fritz handles other commercial disputes when the merits are such that a party appears to need assistance with a dispute against a larger organization.

Get In Touch

Clients who engage Fritz get his undivided attention–he answers his phone, prepares emails and letters, investigates, analyses, reviews documents, researches, writes and, most important, does the thinking required in a law practice.

FKH Legal Philosophy

Fritz is economical of word and argument in the belief that clients and judges appreciate brevity and, like all people, tend to see the big picture when evaluating the merits of a matter.